Last days across the puddle — Stockholm

Greg and I flew from Copenhagen to Stockholm last Friday, May 5th, and though we were excited to visit our final city.. we were very sad to leave Copenhagen. Our hosts, Rasmus and Camilla, were outstanding (GREAT!, per Greg’s excitement) and the city/people/weather were beautiful and incredibly inviting. We participated in Copenhagen’s “MayDay worker’s revolution” holiday (drank beer in a park and watched a protest or two march down a street), played basketball and flag football with athletic danes, foraged for wild garlic to use in our home-cooked dinner after a bike ride out of the city, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and hanging out with Rasmus and Camilla.

We have have one more full day in Stockholm when Greg and I will meet Ijee at the airport (SO EXCITED) mid-day and then hang out with her for a fresh Swedish Fish (hopefully minus the HFCS) dinner and some walks around the old city and islands. It will be quite a re-connection before my return to see Ijee in Stockholm. I am very excited to come home, as I have some new ideas/projects to pursue and a few latent business issues to resolve, just as I would be excited to be traveling to Paris for another week. But honestly, the trip has been above and beyond, and I cannot wait to post more pictures and share some more thoughts and interests and ideas and friends that I have made along the way.

One more day in Europe before coming back! Talk to you in the person sooner than later I hope!!

Much love and big ups, see you soon!

ps. Huge thank you to Jane, Ton(aaa)y, Jordan, Athenian sunrises, Jess CG, PC folks in Albania, Kerim, Istanbul hostel directors, Julian the Dutchman, Antalya’s weather, Denisa at Prague’s best (Indian) restaurant, eastern euros playing pick-up b-ball, Praha/bad trucks/hard candy/our friend, RASMUS and Camilla, Australian cahdplayers with Pedro Martinez throwing a dwarf, and Greg Katz (Mr. Pirate). Did I mention, huge HUGE huge thank yous for such incredible experiences, conversations, and kindness.

pps. Jon, Emmy, Pete, Mishy, Joelio, Luis, and Vermonters, thanks for being there if anything jumped up!

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