Back in the US of A

So… I made it back! I assume that Greg did as well, but the last time I saw him was in Iceland’s airport after an exception chest-bump hug combination.

I am going to be post-”blog-post-updating” with pictures and stories from the last couple of weeks when I could not get in front of a computer with camera capabilities. So, if you still want some stuff to read and avoid work during lunchtime you know you can get new stuff here for at least a little while longer.

To end this post, if I could have brought along one additional thing during my trip it would have been pictures of friends and family and home. When speaking to people from a different country, and especially when the cultural differences grow larger, having something tangible that people can grasp on and connect to you is so key. (I adopted this idea from Rolf Potts’ book “Vagabonding”.) Just showing some pictures on my camera from earlier travels was amazing at creating comfort and relaxing people when they met me. But next time I am definitely going to bring some glossy photos of where I live now, friends and family, and maybe a landmark or two from nearby. Everybody you meet will have the same kind of friends and family and home and landmarks that they are proud of, so it is so cool, and easy, to show and relate to anybody with pictures!

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