Germany and Jane/Tony/Jordan are AWESOME!

Post three how the time flies! Such a great six days in Germany and I am spending my last night blogging as the crew uses other MAC products… I leave at 4:30am Germany time for my flight for a night’s stay in Athens and then I hop on short plane to Tirana, Albania on Tuesday afternoon to see CG! (Jessica Cutler-Goodell!!) Check below for an abridged photo tour of the bulk of my German time… “I whip my hair all around”!!!!

day 3, Thursday, off to a late start and walking around the touristy part of downtown Germany. This was by far the coolest building I saw and I still am not exactly sure what it is called but it is on Museum Island

ran into two students studying abroad in rome and barcelona who are friends from back home… Swampscott and Winchester, Mass! too small of a funny World. We ended up getting lost together and then touring around the Pergamon, which was incredible and the actual only museum that I fully paid for to enter.

So the stone behind me is proposed by many academics as the first time when pagan religious artifacts began converting to Christianity as a cross was found in between the lines of infamous writings that extolled an emperor as a God.

The blue gate is the Gate of Babylon that showed how badass those people were, by having artists show fire-breathing dragons and fericious bulls “captured” in the masonry. What amazed us was first, how did the Germans “claim” such gigantic artifacts that are not really theirs, and two, how in the hell did they transfer such huge artifiacts back to Berlin? I mean sure, there has been some resoration over time, but still, these are some HUGE (picture Jon saying this word…), gigantic items.

So then I ditched the girls as they went to dinner to go play pick up basketball with a bunch of Germans and Tony! F***ing awesome! So much fun and the Berliners were incredibly nice to us. Tony and I likely bricked the most shots, but damn we looked like schweet Americans doing it. We were a bit out of shape (I blame jetlag… not) but had an awesome time and likely Tony is going to return to the game. The Berliners were awesome guys (and two girls played with us!) and the style was different than what I am used to, but the court was not slippery, though rubber, but the ball felt a bit heavy and I shot more like Greg Sietsma than Ray Ray, but hey, your not going to hit them all… and a shooter keeps shooting! The Germans immediately fell in love with Tony, for obvious reasons!!

Day 3 came to a tired, sore, and HAPPY close. Tony and Jane’s area of Berlin, Neukoelln, is predominantly Turkish/Arabic and is littered with gaming electronic casinos where somebody like Jimmy is not overly welcome.  But, the name of this Casino was too awesome, and incredibly appropriate, to sum up the day! (Also, these casinos play no live sports and seem to just suck money — I have no idea how they make money.)

The other days will be coming soon, likely as I chill in Athens for two (likely) rainy days and one night. woo wooop

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  1. Mo says:

    So glad to hear you made it safe and I can’t wait to hear about all your travels! Also, it is hilarious that you are blogging….. have fun!

  2. Simbo Slice says:

    Schniff, schniff.

  3. Very useful blog. Keep up the good work.

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