Albania to Turkey — going, going… GONE

hi all!!!!

just a quick post as i am leaving Albania for Turkey this evening. CG, aka Jessica Cutler-Goodell, is an absolute Saint! literally she put up my company for 3 straight days and showed me an incredible slice of Albania and the Peace Corps. I have amazing newfound respect for both the State and Institution.

Pictures and specific stories to come when I get some down time in Turkey. Most likely I will be heading to Southwestern Turkey after my time in Istanbul to check out the “Butterfly Coast” and relax/explore while I wait for the Grgory Pirate to arrive in Prague.

much love and I will update again soon!

Holler bread,


ps. Athens, Greece, was beautiful and had the best looking buildings so far. And, it just so happened that my one morning had gorgeous sunshine so I ran to the top of a nearby hill that overlooked the water, Akropolis, and the city and stretched / worked out to an exhilarating sunrise!!

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  1. I just love this post! Albania to Turkey — going, going… GONE | Jimmy's Blog ftw!

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