Picture Test in Antalya, Turkey

I have not been able to find a computer that allows uploading of pictures to the blog, so this is a test from the Pension computer where I have been staying for the last three nights, and plan to stay another three nights. I just booked my tickets where I will fly directly to Dresden, Germany on Tuesday (April, 24th) morning from Antalya and stay one night in Dresden. The next morning I will take a short 2-hour bus ride from Dresden to Prague and cross the Czech Republic border. As long as these two pictures below upload properly, then I will play blog catch-up tonight and tomorrow uploading pictures and stories from my previous stops.

The first two pictures below are of the Turkish Professional basketball team’s practice that I wandered into on Friday afternoon, and of me walking through a public park that overlooks the gorgeous rock coast of the crystal blue Turkish Mediterranean.



The last picture is of the view from the seat that I held down my first two nights in Antalya where I hung out with a range of other guests — an Australian recent college-grad named Dave who worked at Subway for a year and is now on a 7-month traveling tour (pretty impressive he saved up that much money in a year), though he is worried about finding a job back home. Another Australian named Tristan who is a trained master Australian plumber who moved to Germany to be with his girlfriend who he met in Sydney when she was abroad. An American couple who quit their jobs at CNN and AOL, sold all their stuff, including condo and car, and are now on a year excursion that will take them through Russia and China. An American woman named Kira who has lived in Moscow with her American husband the last four years and teaches English, as it was much easier to get a job in Moscow then in Minnesota where she is from and where she went to school (she was not a fan when I said Golden Gophers in excitement…).

And the most memorable was Julian the Dutchman! haha. We sat together the first night for an hour before everybody else showed up and had a very interesting conversation on the tax and healthcare systems in both Holland and America, pros and cons for both. He was traveling with his Dutch girlfriend who is almost fluent in Turkish as her parents have a house near Bodrum (West Coast) for the last 15 years, but she went to bed and he came down with a bottle of 150 euro whiskey to hang out (Dunmore, sp?). After the rest of the crew stopped by he proceeded to go on about 3,000 euro bottles of whiskey, Snow Phoenix, that are produced in single, unique bathces he now buys two at a time and drinks one of them slowly for pleasure, but then holds onto the other one for 3-7 years and then sells it for double or triple the price because the bottle is so rare and the international market for whiskey so strong! Overall just a class act and totally cracked me up. Pretty good whiskey too…! And for a guy from Holland, he has only smoked weed twice, clearly prefers whiskey, but told some pretty wild stories of plants as big as palm trees…   The only thing I could not talk to him about was cars, as he said that American car engines are wildly inefficient because they are usually 6 or 8 cyclinders and yet produce less horsepower than European cars that have only 4 cyclinder enginer (if you know why, please educate me!). He also eschews facebook and linkedIN, is a male nurse, and values being in a committed relationship for 20 years more than being married for 20 years. No picture of Julian, as it is fitting that he should stay an enigma, though he said he will call me if he ever comes to Washington, DC, as he seemed fairly pleased with my business card.

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