Greece! and a little Berlin — Bringing it Back, Volume 1

so first i need to say goodbye to berlin, and what better way to do that than to show a picture or my (ab)used map. i barely got lost with this handy thing! and if you look carefully, you just may be able to see jane’s eye through one of the holes… when in berlin, get artsy!

other highlights of my last days in berlin was bikram yoga in full german with jane and tony! hilarious. and incredibly schweaty. this picture is actually from the section of the berlin wall that is still standing by the river and is now a showcase for famous artists. this pose in front of this section of concrete seemed appropriate

i even met “some real Berliners” at a lounge on saturday night. uwem (sp?) on the right was the man and was very gracious talking to a random, energetic american about who knows what. he did keep repeating, “REAL BERLINERS”, which made me chuckle

ok enough, now Athens! i got there very early in the morning and after making my way to the hostel i found my way to a little local greek deli type place. i had mousaka (sp?) and a surprisingly good greek beer. the old men tried to talk to me but they knew less english than i knew german and the kind woman running the place only knew basic food english. so after so some sweet head nodding and confused smiles, the men went back to drinking ouzo and ripping cigarettes as i tried to figure out where i was.

really i found athens to be quite beautiful architecturally, at least the area around the Akropolis where I spent my time. the buildings just looked fun and airy, and i could not help but keeping looking at the skyline.

that night i ran into some woefully drunk american soldiers who were on leave and had a couple drinks with them at an expat type bar that i randomly walked into. interestingly enough they were a young couple that met in the service, and though their drinking was not all that impressive, their dedication to hard work was impressive.
FASTforward to the next morning and i got up around 6am and went for a jog up to a skinny mountain in the middle of Athens and boom, GORGEOUS! arguably the most stunning views that i have enjoyed the entire trip, and since Athens really does not wake up until 8am (it seems) I had the whole thing to myself for an hour to stretch out and get a workout in. the views were amazing, i have a full 60 second panorama video of the view including the city, the mountains, the sea, the ocean wall, the akropolis, and me stretching. this was by far the highlight of Athens to me as I ran into more than a few seemingly, swindling fellows. the best line was definitely, “blue eyes, blonde hair, not greek, soo sad!”. i replied, “my hair is brown now…” and was ignored as he tried to push me into having a drink and discussing the international orange market. i did a swim move and declined. there was no basketball playing in Athens, but I did find my way to the old Olympic Stadium where across the way there were three full outdoor basketball hoops. You do not even see a park like this in the States! Even better, there were balls hanging from a hammock type thing. And, restoring my faith in Greek humanity, a supremely nice woman asked me if I needed help (maybe from all the pictures of the basketball courts I took…) and let me use one of the balls from her cafe. So I had a quaint shootaround in Greece showing off my best throw the ball with backspin to myself 3 pointers with nobody around to watch! I actually find my basketball hammock holder picture to be quite artistic… thank you very much!

And to round out Athens let’s show a great picture of a real European Red Ferrari (yes father, that’s for you!) that drove by Olumpic Stadium (also with picture). Then clearly a picture of most chill little Greek kid you have ever seen, and a small example of some of the really amazing stone works of art that were littered (wrong diction?) around Athens. You have to love this kid’s end of the night (or maybe begninng of the next day) wine glass salute — Dionysus is proud!

They guy that tried to get me into the orange business was not lying though… there were picturesque trees full of fruit everywhere you looked!

And how could I not go to Athens and not see some social unrest! But do not worry momma, I stayed at distance and took pictures from afar. In this picture you can see that both the riot police and protestors seems a tad disintenerested… they must have lost all that energy due to the debt they were having to drag around… hmmm, wonder how planes ever leave the United States to travel abroad with American piano-sized debt hanging on?!!?

Last, and kind of least, a really cool suspension bridge that was just casually in the middle of a bunch of lame infrastructure. Gotta love the color scheme to help engineers show off!

And then I flew to Albania and superb guidance of one Jessica Cutler-Goodell !!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great time

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